Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Win!!! (sorta)

If your department is anything like mine, more than 50% of the people you know have gotten almost nothing done this week, scrambling to find out about the Freelancers Union, pricing benefit plans, scheduling last minute InTuition classes, and going on a veritable bender of doctor and dentist visits.

Well, it looks like (for now) we've got our REAL medical and dental back at the same price (Or, as the email said, '
The Aetna plan has certain advantages that may make it the preferred option for many of our freelance and temporary employees' HAHHAHAHAHA!).

Still, there are a few remaining questions, among them:
-what about our 401k?
-and our 5 paid days off?
-will InTuition ever come back?
-what about our brethren who started sometime in '07 and haven't qualified yet?
-will we lose more in February, when the payroll changes take effect?
-why the eff did they do this in the first place?
-and most importantly, WILL WE FINALLY BE STAFF?

More to come, as we get it.

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