Thursday, December 13, 2007


Score one for the little guy!

Basically we got a one month reprieve. What happens in February is anybody's guess.

Are we the only ones who find it really hard to believe that management was caught off guard at how many 'freelancers' come to this job day in and day out FOR YEARS and haven't been made staff??

If your departments look anything like ours, they're a handful of staff employees surrounded by an army of freelancers - probably at a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio. There are people who have been there 4, 5, 6 OR MORE years and haven't been converted to staff.

Medical and dental aside, we are still being stripped of some of the most basic 'benefits' people get when they work the same job every day for years on end.

-What about our 5 paid days off? Everyone we know gets 2 weeks MINIMUM - now they want to take away the little time off we have???!?!?

-HOLIDAYS!??!! We don't even have the OPTION of working most holidays, so unless you are weekly, you are LOSING money on the holidays.

-InTuition! Sweet, sweet InTuition, which helps us to sharpen to gather new skills for the jobs we perform? Surely Viacom can see this as an investment, not a 'cost' that needs to be cut?!?!?

-401k contributions. I know so-called 'freelancers' who have been here more than 5 years and are already vested!!! Doesn't that length of service (esp in the limbo of 'permalance' mean anything to this company?

What do you think? Do we fight on until we get some answers?

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Anonymous said...

Other than it being illegal for a company to claim permalancer position when a person works full-time (and for several years), I wonder if individuals (the actual permalancers) have any legal rights to sue the company for maintaining a false status to get out of paying benefits, etc...??? Any legal eagles reading this blog?