Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Um, Thanks?

First it was Moby (kind of) and now Perez Hilton is on our side. Hmm... has anyone seen that Michael Moore guy?


Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton disgusts me. The fact that he should become the voice for the impacted freelancers only deepens the mess.

MTV_Freelancer said...

He's not at all 'the voice' for the freelancers, he's just showing some support- I'm not exactly a fan either.

Madonna's Chief Gay said...

While I think MTV Networks (MTV & VH1 to be more exact) has completely lost its magic, I wish only the best outcome for those who are being impacted.

I'm guessing the lack of creativity at those two networks comes from constantly being connected to modern technology and not having time to go outside and find creative ways to keep themselves entertained as children.