Friday, December 14, 2007


UPDATE: We're still learning who does what and where within MTVN/ Viacom. Until 2 weeks ago, we never put much thought to it at all. We just did our job and took our benefits for granted. Oh, how we yearn to return to that innocent time.

Hey, does anyone know how things work outside MTV Networks at VIACOM? For example, do free lancers/ permalancers at BET and CBS get benefits?

P.S. - What we STILL want to know is who told HR to shut off all their phones and put their 'out of office' replies on earlier this week? All the while, panicked freelancers were trying to get a hold of HR reps to get answers to simple, but important questions, like 'Where can we get our forms signed to sign up for the Freelancers Union?' and 'Are we really getting only $2,000 per year in hospital coverage?!?!'.


MTVN said...

another tidbit of interest from about 2 weeks ago - one kept very quiet.

and of course this, from Monday -

something stinks here, and it's not just our benefit cuts.

Anonymous said...

Don't you study our org charts? :)

Joanne Griffith was Viacom, but when Denise White came in a couple of months ago, she took over Joanne Griffith's Viacom job, and Joanne Griffith came over to MTVN.

Denise White is very much still there running HR at Viacom, and Joanne runs our HR at MTVN.

As far as I can tell, this is really an MTV Networks thing, not a Viacom one - I haven't heard about BET complaining about benefit cuts, and the briefings and stuff are all MTVN. So, maybe that's why we don't see Denise White's name in this.

Anonymous said...

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