Thursday, December 13, 2007


Our little 'informational session' with HR today (Thursday) is scheduled for the same time as the WGA strike people were planning to join.

Coincidence? We thinks not.

Either way - attend one or the other. Or Both!

ALSO- Apparently MTV Networks is trying to have it BOTH ways (from Variety):

"One MTV Nets insider said the strategy that drove the freelance rollbacks would remain in place. In a bid to prove to Wall Street that the company is managing costs, the person said, its scrutiny of freelancers will likely continue."


Anonymous said...

I noticed that - its definitely intentional. I bet they take away the freelancers benefits after they convert some people to staff. total BS.

Chuck-in-Luck said...

I was a permalancer back in the early 90's. Seems like yesterday, especially given the current situation's headlines.

Anyway, MTV got into a great deal of trouble back then when it was discovered that they had illegal hiring practices going on (ie. freelancers working 40+ hrs a week for years at a time). Within a month of the buzz, everyone was either transitioned over to full-time (crap pay) or fired and rehired for 2-4 week gigs (with 1-2 weeks of no work inbetween).

I left after about two years. The world was beginning and I knew I could trade off the whole MTV thing. I was right.

My advise to those working at MTV, stay as long as you can and then market the hell out of your resume and go to smaller creative co.'s that would kill for an MTV employee (well, that is when MTV was creative).

Good luck!